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What Is the Drug Speedball?

What Is the Drug Speedball

As notorious drugs like heroin and cocaine continue to make a name for themselves throughout the nation, those who experiment with these substances have started to find new ways of achieving their highs. One method that has gained popularity is called “speedballing,” in which heroin and cocaine are combined to produce a more intense and […]

What Is an 8 Ball? Drug Facts You Need to Know

8 Ball

Over the years, cocaine has established its presence as a widely abused, as well as a very dangerous, drug in the U.S. Unfortunately, the many risks that come with using this substance, also known as an 8 ball, are often overshadowed by the glorified side effects it can have.  Using cocaine in any way can […]

Will Edibles Show Up in a Drug Test?

Will Edibles Show Up in a Drug Test

Will edibles show up in a drug test? If you are curious about whether or not edibles are detectable in a drug test, you may be taking a drug test at the request of an employer or parent. If you consume edibles prior to a drug test, there is a chance that marijuana will show […]

What Does Microdosing MDMA Mean?

What Does Microdosing MDMA Mean?

Microdosing hallucinogenic and mind-altering drugs have become increasingly popular, and MDMA pills are quickly making their way onto the scene of this latest drug trend. As more people become attracted to the euphoric effects of MDMA, it is all the more important to recognize the drawbacks of this particular drug.  While there is no evidence […]

What Is a Medical Detox?

Medical Detox

The first step in recovering from any substance addiction is detoxification – detox for short. A detox means ceasing the use of an illicit substance and allowing it to exit the body. But for many, the prospect of unpleasant – or even deadly – withdrawal symptoms is a major roadblock to recovery. For this reason, many undergo […]

What Is Dysthymia?


Dysthymia, as with all forms of depression, is a mood disorder defined by your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Unlike medical conditions, people with a dysthymic disorder don’t have obvious physical symptoms. Instead, people who suffer from this mental health disorder struggle with chronic feelings of hopelessness. A consistently depressed mindset can result in mental and […]

DBT Therapy Techniques for Substance Abuse

DBT Therapy Techniques

DBT therapy techniques promote growth for individuals in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. In dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), you practice DBT therapy techniques to promote lasting change in recovery from substance use disorder. Building skills is a core part of dialectical behavior therapy and recovery in general. During substance abuse treatment, groups participate in […]

Codependent Relationships

Codependent Relationships

What Is a Codependent Relationship? A codependent relationship involves an imbalance of authority and power between two people. In a relationship, romantic or not, codependency occurs when you alter your behaviors, interests, and beliefs to fit those of your partner.  Codependent behaviors are especially common in relationships involving substance use disorders (SUD). Prioritizing someone else’s […]

Are Withdrawal Symptoms Dangerous?

withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms present as the physical and mental symptoms that occur during a period of lowered or no substance abuse. Depending on the substance of abuse, symptoms can vary. However, withdrawal symptoms are dangerous, requiring medical care to prevent life-threatening effects. However, on average alcohol and drug withdrawal will have three main stages following your […]

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction


In many instances of addiction, our substance abuse and maladaptive behaviors are byproducts of trauma. Unfortunate as it is, most of us go through some sort of traumatic experience, and as a result, most of us react with instinctive, emotion-based behaviors.  While the symptoms triggered by trauma typically pass, some people find themselves struggling to […]