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Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights provides the highest standard of addiction treatment. With our compassionate, well-trained staff members and our knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals, our guests will always receive the best care for their alcohol or substance use disorder. With addiction treatment, it is important to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for our guests. At Royal Life Centers each of our guests become a part of our family. Guests interact with each other, building strong bonds and friendships as they support each other through their addiction recovery. The supportive atmosphere we provide is the most important way to show you how much we care. You will enter as a guest, but soon become part of our family. Our Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights experience is holistic healing at it's finest, fostering recovery of the mind, body, and spirit. Because We Care.

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Royal Life Centers is by far the best treatment centers around. They have a program that sets you up for success after leaving the facility, which most treatment centers don't do. I have never once not been treated with respect! I would recommend Royal Life over any other treatment anyday!

- Maddie S.
*Due to HIPAA laws, we are unable to show actual client photos. However, each of our testimonials are verified Google reviews.

All of our locations are accredited with the most prestigious agencies in the country

Our Addiction Recovery Programs

  • Medical Detox

    Upon arrival to our medical detox, each guest is first given an individual clinical assessment. Following a medical evaluation, a customized treatment plan is designed for each guest based on their specific needs. Our care plans are tailored for each guest in order to effectively and safely ease their symptoms of withdrawal. Medications are used on an as-needed basis and are chosen based on each individual’s needs. Safety is our top priority. That’s why our on-site nursing staff is available 24/7 to tend to any medical needs. Additionally, our support staff, available around the clock, provides any additional assistance for our guests.

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  • Residential Inpatient

    Upon completion of detox, our residential inpatient program is the next step in our comprehensive treatment plan. During this phase of treatment, guests will attend group therapy seven days a week for five hours a day. Additionally, guests will attend individual therapy sessions regularly throughout the week. Meals are catered by Royal Life Centers' personal, on-site chef. Guests may also help themselves to lighter snacks and beverages at any time. Our top-notch medical staff remains available 24/7 to ensure the continued safety of our guests during this critical phase.

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  • PHP

    Our partial hospitalization program, or PHP, is the beginning of our nine-week outpatient programming. Designed to provide a smooth transition from the set schedule of PHP into a less restrictive level of care, the flexibility of our program truly makes it stand out from the rest. Each guest is empowered to choose their own groups, tailored to their personal needs and tastes. Our employment specialist works with guests during this phase through job readiness groups. During this first phase of the nine-week program, guests are required to attend group for six hours a day, six days a week. PHP lasts for a total of three weeks until guests will move onto phase two of IOP.

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  • IOP

    The second phase of our nine-week outpatient program, our intensive outpatient programming provides guests further freedom and flexibility. The transitional phase of our 9-week program requires guests to attend group for three hours a day, five days a week. The next, and final three weeks, guests attend group for three hours a day, three days a week. Along with regular group therapy, community activities, and individual therapy, guests will continue preparation for graduation. Our employment specialist continues to prepare guests to enter the workforce with resume building classes, and individual help in locating a job in the greater community.

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  • Outpatient

    Royal Life Centers offers an alternative level of treatment to accommodate those with busy schedules, as well as those looking to enhance their recovery. Our outpatient program requires guests to attend group therapy weekly and individual therapy sessions monthly. Our outpatient programming allows for guests to have more flexibility, but have all of the same support available to them. Outpatient is a great way to become or remain active within a sober community. Keeping the fundamentals of recovery fresh can be difficult in our fast-paced lives, so attending our outpatient program can be the perfect way to keep things green.

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  • Sober Living

    Early recovery can be difficult at times. So, having a support network of peers can be crucial in successful, sustained sobriety. Our nine-week housing is a great way to connect with others in early sobriety while also making some new friends. Our graduate housing is offered only to guests who have successfully completed our program and obtained employment. It provides a less structured environment that continues the slow transition back to everyday life. All of our housing offers accountability while also allowing guests all the freedom they would like. Nightly curfew checks and regular drug tests maintain the safety of all guests and allow for an environment of recovery to thrive.

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Because We Care

Our approach of holistic healing—treating the mind, body, and spirit—is to strengthen your connections and better you as a person. Our goals are to treat addiction with the highest standard of quality care, only using the best practices. Our dedication to providing the highest standard of care shows, as we’ve earned the most prestigious accreditations from the most respected agencies in the U.S. We want to see you overcome addiction, because we know that a life of meaning and happiness is in store for you. Because We Care.

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