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A Trusted & Accredited Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights

Our Medical Detox & Residential Inpatient Treatment Facility

At Royal Life Centers, we understand that there are numerous choices available for those seeking a drug and alcohol detox program. With such a wide array of options, selecting the right one can be a daunting endeavor. However, rest assured that our Spokane Heights detox and residential facility places the utmost importance on ensuring the comfort and safety of every guest.

We seek to eliminate uncertainty when selecting the perfect facility to meet your needs. From the moment you step through our doors, you become a part of our family. With over a decade of experience and a profound impact on countless lives, we have perfected our approach. You can trust us to guide you on your journey to lasting change.

Because We Care.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, please reach out for help today.

Our Treatment Programs

At Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights, we offer comprehensive inpatient programs for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We aim to empower our guests with healthy tools and strategies to help them lead fulfilling and healthy lives. We strongly believe in the importance of personalized care, tailoring our approach to each individual. Our commitment is to help them unleash their full potential and live free from substance abuse and mental health challenges.

Medical Detox

Out detox programs are meticulously designed with comprehensive bio-psycho-social-spiritual evaluations and assessments. These programs offer a range of services, including treatment planning, round-the-clock clinical care, vital monitoring, medically supervised withdrawal, medication administration, symptom management, nutrition counseling, individual and group therapy, as well as drug addiction counseling.

Residential Inpatient

Our residential inpatient programs provide comprehensive care, including 24/7 clinical support, medication management, intensive therapies, goal-setting, skill-building, relapse prevention, psychoeducational courses, holistic wellness practices, and ongoing recovery support. The structured environment ensures optimal treatment, fostering lasting recovery.

Because We Care.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please reach out to us.

Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because We Care.

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What to Expect

Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Spokane, WA

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights provides the highest standard of addiction treatment. With our compassionate, well-trained staff members and our knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals, our guests will always receive the best care for their alcohol or substance use disorder. With addiction treatment, it is important to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for our guests.

At Royal Life Centers each of our guests become a part of our family. Guests interact with each other, building strong bonds and friendships as they support each other through their addiction recovery. The supportive atmosphere we provide is the most important way to show you how much we care. You will enter as a guest, but soon become part of our family. 

Specialized Addiction Treatment Programs in Spokane, Washington

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights provides a comprehensive approach to addiction treatment, offering a full continuum of care. Our rehabilitation services encompass clinical support and guidance throughout the detoxification, inpatient, and outpatient stages of treatment. We understand that every individual has unique needs, and our specialized addiction treatment programs are designed to help those from different backgrounds overcome addiction and mental health issues.

Our specialized program tracks include:

Native American Program

Rooted in tradition, respect, and native values, our specialized program for Native Americans offers culturally-based treatment that honors the essence of Native culture. As a holistic healing experience, our programs help Native American guests find peace and fulfillment by uplifting the interconnectedness of all things found in nature.

Within our Native American program, our Wellbriety-certified group facilitators collaborate closely with our tribal guests, guiding them in reconnecting their spirits with the world around them. We recognize the significance of not only healing the body and mind in addiction treatment but also mending a guest’s spiritual connection to encourage lasting success in recovery.

The experiences endured by military personnel during active duty can have a profound impact on their mental well-being. Sadly, these perilous and life-threatening acts of service often result in the development of PTSD and substance abuse disorders. In such cases, it is crucial to prioritize the rehabilitation of veterans, as it allows for the restoration of a sense of security and sobriety after their service.

Our Valor Program, available at each of our veteran rehab centers, is specifically designed to provide trauma-informed care to those struggling with PTSD and addiction, ensuring they receive the necessary support for their recovery.

Take back control of your life and create the future you deserve. Let us help you start living a fulfilling, substance-free life today.

Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Our inpatient facility in Spokane, Washington offers a comprehensive medically assisted detox program. Our primary focus is to ensure a safe and comfortable initiation of the recovery process.

While detox is the shortest phase of treatment, it plays a crucial role in addressing physical dependence.

During this phase, our licensed and experienced medical staff will develop a personalized treatment plan and medical protocol to restore your body’s equilibrium. To ensure your safety, we provide around-the-clock supervision and comprehensive medical care throughout the detoxification process. Our highly skilled clinical staff is also capable of administering medication to alleviate any withdrawal symptoms that may arise.

Once you receive clearance from your clinical team, you can embark on intensive therapy to address the effects of mental dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Located in Spokane, Washington, our residential inpatient program is dedicated to addressing the underlying causes of substance abuse. We aim to help you reshape core beliefs and overcome maladaptive thoughts that may have hindered your progress.

Our residential treatment typically lasts for 14 days, but guests may extend their stay up to 30 days upon request.

After completing detox, our comprehensive residential treatment program equips you with essential coping skills and strategies for long-term sobriety and overall well-being.

Our highly skilled clinical team conducts thorough assessments to identify your needs, strengths, and goals. Based on the evaluation, we collaborate with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to serve as a roadmap for your clinical journey during our residential inpatient program.

Voted One of the Best Rehabs in Spokane, Washington
This place is great the whole staff was awesome and all the residents were there too I definitely recommend going. I went through a lot of treatment centers in the VA and they always let us have our phones and I’m so glad that they actually take them here away cuz it’s such a distraction when you’re trying to concentrate on yourself. The food was great and you get your own room too also they live by their motto and they do care. Thank you guys again!
My time at Royal Life was the most positive affirmation I have experienced in my short 73 years. The staff were outstanding with a genuine concern for the wellbeing of the attendees. I would highly recommend Royal Life to anyone with a true desire to change the destructive effects of substance abuse that ravishes not only their lives but also the lives of their loved ones. I would encourage all to take a chance on happiness and peace.

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It’s important for substance abuse treatment centers to be licensed or accredited by a reputable third party. Learn why accreditations matter and gain a deeper understanding of what these marks of excellence mean in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

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We often get asked, “Why do we refer to our clients as ‘guests’?” When you join our program, you’re not just entering rehab, but a place that becomes your home away from home. We strive to provide individualized treatment that makes you feel like an honored guest.

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