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Before referring a patient, client, or loved one to a top-notch addiction treatment program, it is important to gain a comprehensive understanding of available options and resources. Consider the factors that should be taken into account when making a professional treatment referral.

As you seek out the best possible program for your client, we encourage you to take some time to review our list of available drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. In doing so, you can make an educated decision when determining the right course of treatment with Royal Life Centers.

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Making a Professional Treatment Referral for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex issue that affects not only the individual struggling with substance abuse but also their loved ones and the community as a whole. To address this problem effectively, professionals in the healthcare field need to be knowledgeable about the resources available for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

One of the key steps in helping someone with a drug or alcohol addiction is to make a professional treatment referral. This process involves connecting the individual with resources and services that can help them on their journey toward recovery. However, making a referral for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is not as simple as giving out a client’s contact information. There are several factors to consider to ensure the best possible outcome for the person seeking help.

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Understanding the Individual's Needs

The first step in making a professional treatment referral is to understand the specific needs of the individual. Every person’s journey with addiction is unique, and their treatment plan should be tailored to address their specific situation. Factors such as type of substance abuse, level of severity, co-occurring mental health disorders, and personal preferences should all be taken into consideration when making a referral.

Our clinical team places the utmost importance on fostering open and honest discussion with each individual about their addiction and what they hope to achieve through treatment. This assists us in finding the most suitable program for their needs, preferences, and goals.

Assessing Available Resources

Once the individual’s needs have been identified, it is crucial to assess the available resources in the community. Whether a client requires inpatient or outpatient care, our treatment facilities can provide the resources they need to maintain their newfound sobriety. We also connect all our guests with local support groups and other services that can benefit their recovery.

Our case managers gather information and conduct diligent research on the different resources available to make an informed decision when making a referral. Likewise, our community outreach team consults with colleagues and professionals in the field to ensure that our guests gain access to the full scope of resources and treatment options available to them.

Considering Insurance and Financial Resources

When referring a client to treatment, an important factor to consider is the individual’s insurance coverage or financial situation. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be expensive, and it is crucial to find a program that the individual can afford. This may involve working with different treatment providers and exploring payment options. In addition, some insurance plans may only cover certain types of treatment or have limitations on the length of treatment.

When referring a client to one of Royal Life Centers’ treatment centers, rest assured that we will help the individual navigate their insurance coverage and benefits to minimize their out-of-pocket costs. For this reason, our outreach coordinators collaborate with our team in admissions to address any financial barriers that may occur.

Looking for an In-Network Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center for a Client in Spokane, Washington?

Addressing Stigma and Other Barriers

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma surrounding addiction and seeking treatment for it. This can create barriers for individuals who are hesitant to reach out for help due to fear of judgment or discrimination. When making a referral, it is important to address and acknowledge these barriers to provide support and reassurance. Additionally, there may be other personal or practical barriers that the individual may face, such as transportation or childcare.

Our team of licensed and experienced clinicians is knowledgeable about the different roadblocks that can harm a person’s chances at recovery. For this reason, we dedicate our time to discussing and addressing these issues to make both the referral and treatment process smoother for each person seeking treatment with us.

Ongoing Support and Follow-Up

Making a referral for drug and alcohol rehabilitation is not the end of the journey, but rather the beginning. It is important to establish ongoing support for the individual even after they have entered treatment. This may include checking in with them regularly, providing emotional support, and helping them navigate any challenges they may face during their recovery.

We understand the importance of following up with our guests after they have completed their treatment. Our alumni coordinators routinely check in with each of our graduates to ensure that they continue to receive the necessary support and resources for maintaining their sobriety.

The Impact of Quality Treatment Referrals

Making a professional treatment referral for drug and alcohol rehabilitation requires careful consideration and collaboration with the individual seeking help. By understanding your client’s unique needs, assessing available resources, addressing barriers, and providing ongoing support, we can increase the chances of successful recovery. Ultimately, considering these factors when making a treatment referral can improve the overall well-being of our community.

If you are looking to refer a client for substance abuse treatment in Washington State, reach out to Royal Life Centers. Our outreach coordinators can provide insight into our treatment programs, services, and impact on the lives of those in our care. We look forward to working together towards a brighter future for those struggling with addiction.

Referring a Client to Royal Life Centers

At Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights, we provide comprehensive detox services in a safe and secure setting. Our experienced team of clinicians is committed to helping clients through the difficult process of detoxing from drugs and alcohol. We understand that this can be an overwhelming time so our compassionate staff works hard to create a warm and comforting environment where each individual feels heard and respected.

Our commitment to offering quality care ensures that our clients receive the best treatment available during their stay with us. With professional support, understanding, and guidance, we are here to help you or your loved one take control of their lives and get on the road to recovery. Contact us today if you’re looking to refer a client to a top-notch drug or alcohol detox center in Spokane, Washington. We’re here to help! Because We Care.

Royal Life Centers' Addiction Treatment Facilities in Washington State

As a part of Royal Life Centers’ network of addiction treatment centers, Spokane Heights is our detox and inpatient treatment facility in Spokane, Washington. After completing treatment in our inpatient programs, we offer continuing care during treatment at our aftercare and outpatient facility, Cascade Heights, in Mead, Washington.

We also invite you to explore our other alcohol and drug rehab facilities located across Washington State, including:

At each of our addiction treatment centers, we offer a comprehensive range of care services. This allows our guests to seamlessly transition between centers, ensuring a smooth and effective recovery journey. Throughout treatment with us, our experienced staff will provide guidance and support in making positive lifestyle changes. In doing so, our guests can lead a healthier and more fulfilling life in recovery from addiction.

We understand that recovery is a journey, and we are here to provide support in every way possible to your client. For more information on our treatment centers and how we can help your client, call our 24/7 admissions team at 888-907-0898.

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Experience our treatment facilities firsthand to meet our dedicated staff and witness the exceptional amenities we offer.  Taking a tour of our Washington detox center can give you peace of mind, knowing that your referred client will be in capable and caring hands.

Royal Life Centers' Addiction Treatment Programs

At Royal Life Centers, we understand that every substance use disorder has an underlying cause, whether that be low self-worth, trauma, or chronic pain, which is why we take a holistic approach to treatment within our comprehensive levels of care. In doing so, we address the mental, physical, and behavioral aspects of addiction to heal the whole person. 

By joining treatment at Royal Life Centers, each client can participate in our full continuum of care broken down into the following addiction treatment programs:

During each level of care, we emphasize mind-body-spirit healing through therapies, case management, substance abuse training, personal reflection, and resources. Above all, we want to guests to feel welcome as they are and treated like people first, not their addiction. We also work to help prepare them to reenter society as confident, capable people ready to tackle hard situations. 

If you are looking to refer a client into treatment for substance abuse, we encourage you to reach out. Our programs will prioritize your client’s well-being every step of the way, whether that be through medication-assisted treatment, dual diagnosis services for mental health conditions, or anything in between. Whether a client struggles with drug or alcohol abuse, Royal Life Centers’ treatment programs will be tailored to meet their unique needs throughout their time with us.

Contact Our Community Outreach Team

Royal Life Centers’ community outreach team collaborates with local and nationwide referral partners to connect individuals with the programs offered at our treatment centers. Our team of compassionate professionals actively promotes awareness of accessible addiction treatment options and recovery resources within the communities we serve.

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As a proud member of Aliya Health Group, Royal Life Centers’ is one of many quality addiction treatment providers that contribute to the Aliya Academy, the top source for higher-level learning and professional development in the evolving field of substance use and mental health treatment.

At Aliya Academy, we offer a wide range of NAADAC-approved continuing education courses, carefully selected and vetted by esteemed clinical leaders who are at the forefront of the industry. Our courses are designed to provide you with the latest education, innovations, best practices, and resources to transform the lives of individuals, families, and communities impacted by substance use and mental health disorders.

Upcoming CEU Courses

Join us for our upcoming courses offered throughout the year! Our courses cover a wide range of topics, including substance use disorders, trauma, co-occurring disorders, clinical skills, and the evolving addiction treatment landscape. We use active learning methods such as problem-solving, case studies, and discussions to keep you engaged throughout your learning journey.

Invest in your professional growth and unlock new opportunities in behavioral health care with Aliya Academy. Enroll today and take your career to the next level! For a full list of Aliya Academy’s upcoming courses, please click here.

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