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Our Accreditations and Certifications

As a part of the Royal Life Centers addiction treatment network, Spokane Heights is proud to hold accreditation by the largest and most widely recognized accrediting body in the United States. Our detox facility holds accreditation, licensure, and credentials from esteemed national and state organizations.

To uphold these standards, our detox and rehabilitation facility routinely participates in extensive and ongoing evaluations of our programs. This includes safety policies, management, treatment options, protocols, schedules, guest living arrangements, and therapy practices. This ensures all standards of compliance have gone through an evaluation to verify excellent guest care by a third party.

What Is An Accreditation?

Accreditation involves a meticulous review process to evaluate healthcare programs and determine if they meet established quality standards. It’s important to note that accreditation is not a permanent status. Instead, programs must renew their accreditation by participating in routine assessments to ensure the ongoing maintenance of quality policies and procedures.

Accreditation serves as the official recognition that a substance abuse treatment network adheres to internationally recognized healthcare service standards and best practices. Through ongoing consultations and thorough on-site reviews, accrediting bodies ensure that addiction treatment centers continue to provide the highest quality of care.

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Our Accredited Alcohol
& Drug Detox

Royal Life Centers’ treatment programs have undergone rigorous clinical scrutiny by the esteemed third-party organization, the Joint Commission, to obtain accreditation. The attainment of the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval® reflects our unwavering commitment to aligning our substance abuse treatment services and business processes with the industry’s highest standards.

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is proud to hang the Joint Commission accreditation award certificate on our facility wall.

Joint Commission Accreditation

Since its establishment in 1951, The Joint Commission has been a renowned non-profit organization that accredits healthcare organizations and programs across the United States. The Commission’s seal stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of healthcare organizations in upholding and ensuring the highest standards of quality care.

Our State Accreditations

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights holds licensure and accreditations licensure from multiple state organizations. Our state accreditations allow us to provide quality addiction treatment services to the people of Washington State. Our commitment to our guests runs deep and is reflected in the quality of care we provide. We are proud to offer quality evidence-based treatments that focus on each individual’s needs, preferences, and goals. All of our treatment modalities can help our clients uncover the underlying issues causing their addiction so they can achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR)

Provided by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), DBHR acts as a mark of excellence, all of our facilities proudly receive this ongoing accreditation. To maintain this accreditation, the DBHR regularly checks our policies and procedures to ensure we are following best practices across all of our operations. A thorough review of our facility by DBHR personnel is conducted, making sure client rights and safety procedures are always being observed. At Royal Life Centers, we consistently go above and beyond to provide the best in addiction treatment.

Washington State Department of Health (DOH)

The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) licenses facilities in the state of Washington to provide substance use disorder and behavioral health services safely and effectively. Royal Life Centers is proud to hold licensure from the DOH, once again indicating our ongoing commitment to top-of-the-line care. This extensive process puts our program policies and client care standards under a microscope. The DOH indicates areas in which we excel as well as where we can use improvements. Royal Life Centers is always looking for suggestions, so we value any feedback that we receive that will ultimately improve the guest’s experience.

The Importance of Accreditations in Substance Abuse Treatment

The value of quality addiction treatment services is truly unparalleled. For those grappling with substance abuse, receiving the necessary care can often be a matter of life or death. That is precisely why Royal Life Centers goes above and beyond to ensure that each of our facilities holds accreditations from leading organizations in the field of substance abuse treatment and recovery. These accreditations serve as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and guarantee that our guests receive the highest standard of care.

Our team takes immense pride in our track record of successful outcomes, firmly believing that these accreditations and certifications greatly contribute to our achievements. Moreover, our active engagement in routine evaluations enables us to remain up-to-date with the latest best practices in addiction treatment and mental health services. By setting such elevated standards for ourselves, we ensure that every individual who seeks our assistance can receive a personalized, safe, and effective treatment plan tailored to their unique needs.

Our Treatment Certifications

To ensure our guests always experience the safest, highest quality care, Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is also certified by multiple independent organizations. We strive to provide the highest standards of best practices for addiction treatment and recovery, evidenced-based treatments, and individualized care plans. With our team of certified addiction treatment professionals, we will help you or your loved one find the path to long-term recovery. 

Wellbriety-Certified Treatment Center

Wellbriety is a nationwide movement that provides cultural healing for Indigenous people. This certification, provided by the White Bison organization, seeks to heal the next seven generations of tribal members. Wellbriety means to live a life that is balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually for whole-person wellness. Royal Life Centers is honored to be a part of the Wellbriety movement and to join White Bison in serving our tribal members.

ASAM Level of Care Certification

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) joined together to provide accreditations for distinguished providers of levels of care that display excellent, comprehensive, quality residential treatment practices to effectively treat addiction. Having received the CARF-ASAM Level of Care Certification, our programs completed independent assessments and verification processes to ensure our standards described in The ASAM Criteria.

LegitScript Addiction Treatment Certification

LegitScript is the industry leader in merchant and advertiser certification and monitoring. This certification demonstrates Royal Life Centers’ compliance with LegitScript’s certification standards. To qualify for LegitScript’s certification for drug and alcohol treatment centers, our programs participate in thorough quality assurance analyses. This seal represents our successful and transparent compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Our Memberships

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is a member of multiple national professional organizations. Our memberships allow us to connect with treatment providers within our local communities to ensure our clients have access to the best treatment options and resources available. We believe this is an essential part of helping people achieve a successful recovery journey and long-term sobriety.

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) is a prestigious non-profit organization comprised of top-tier treatment professionals. As a collective, NAATP offers a wide range of resources to providers and actively advocates for law and policy advancements that benefit its members. NAATP certification fosters a collaborative environment where industry standards are established, evolved, and effectively communicated to advance addiction treatment.

Verified PsychologyToday Addiction Treatment Provider

Psychology Today offers a wide array of mental health professionals, including psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, counselors, and therapists. To obtain the “Verified by Psychology Today” seal, their internal team diligently verifies the accuracy and currency of providers’ names, contact information, licensure, and accreditation. Whenever a credential expires or is renewed, the information undergoes thorough re-verification to ensure its correctness.

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Our Commitment to You

At Royal Life Centers, our priority is always our guests and their well-being. Above all, we consistently strive to provide the highest level of care and commitment to our guests and their families. We do so by staying on top of the latest treatments for substance use disorder, listening and responding to the needs of guests and staff, and maintaining top-notch facilities.

Featured below is a list of the most important questions to ask a treatment facility according to SAMHSA:

Is the program licensed by the state?

Yes, Royal Life Centers is licensed by both the state of Washington and Arizona. It is also one of the very few facilities in the country that is dually accredited by the most prestigious health care regulating agencies. Royal Life Centers facilities are accredited by both the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCO). All Arizona facilities are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). All Washington facilities are licensed by the Department of Health (DOH) and the Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery (DBHR). You can find all of our licensing information here.

What is the staff-to-guest ratio?

The staff-to-guest ratio at Royal Life Centers is 1 staff member for every 2 guests. We strive to ensure that our staff can fully observe and meet the needs of each guest we are serving. You can be sure that you or your loved one will feel valued and respected with this much attention and support.

What is the staff like? What is their background? What is their education? Are any of them in recovery?

All qualifying staff are fully licensed through the Department of Health. Our staff consists of licensed, master-level, and/or professional therapists, registered master-level interns, Registered Nurses, Physician Assistants, Doctors, trained administrative staff, and behavioral health technicians with both experience and training in the field of addiction. While Royal Life Centers does not require staff members to be in recovery from drugs or alcohol, our staff members are either in recovery or have been personally impacted by addiction. All of our staff have sincere dedication and passion for the process of recovery. Each one strives to help guests better themselves while encouraging family members to get the support and knowledge they need to help their loved ones on their journey of recovery.

Is the facility clean, organized, and well-run?

Royal Life Centers believes that organization within your personal life leads to quality recovery. Both staff and guests are required to maintain an organized and clean living environment and workspace. Our staff sets the example for guests to model. Both staff and guests are assigned responsibilities to ensure a well-run and clean environment. The facility is highly structured and we have specific protocols set in place to keep all facilities operating at the highest standards.

Does the treatment program address sexual orientation, and physical disabilities while providing age, gender, and culturally appropriate treatment services?

Royal Life Centers believes in an individualized treatment plan for every guest who walks through our doors. Guests will work one-on-one with a therapist to determine the specific needs that should be addressed to promote growth. Groups are tailored to each guest’s individual needs. Royal Life Centers empowers guests to develop their treatment schedule by choosing groups that reflect the issues they are struggling with. Our facility is designed to meet the needs of all guests and we have wheelchair access at all main entrances.

How does the program involve the family in the treatment process?

Royal Life Centers believes that the inclusion of family therapy in the treatment process is essential to success. Families are contacted upon their loved ones’ admission and each time they complete a phase of the program by our case management team. Therapists will communicate with families once per week during treatment and additionally will provide family therapy when appropriate. Families are encouraged to contact our facility any time there are questions or concerns. We also have websites, family programs, and social media groups specifically geared to meet the needs of the family. These outlets provide information, support, and a sounding board for any questions or concerns as they arise.

Is there family counseling? Are there services for parents and siblings of a parent? If not, can they refer the family to appropriate services?

Family members are encouraged to attend alcoholics-anonymous meetings in their area while their loved one is seeking treatment at Royal Life Centers. Attending self-help groups is an important part of the healing process and assists with the family weekend program offered by Royal Life Centers once per month. Participation in the family weekend will be discussed with the primary therapist during treatment. On an as-needed basis, each therapist is equipped to determine the necessity for continued therapy and will then provide the appropriate referrals or contacts.

Is the staff knowledgeable about and willing to consider the use of medication that may help treat addiction?

Royal Life Centers has a full medical staff that is willing to consider alternative treatment methods if the need arises. Every guest is fully assessed by our medical doctor and staff, and then an individualized detox and/or medical regime is established. A history and physical, nursing assessment, and psychiatric evaluation will be completed on each guest to ensure that all medical needs are met. Medication-assisted treatment, such as Naltrexone, will be offered to those guests experiencing cravings. Our Medical Director and medical staff are available 24/7 to our guests.

Quality Addiction Treatment at
Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers dedicates our time to providing quality addiction treatment services which enable us to maintain our accreditations and certifications. Guests can join the Royal Life Family with confidence that they will receive the finest, research-backed medical detox and addiction treatment. Further, families can rest assured that their loved ones will be treated with respect and dignity throughout their stay.

We prioritize our guests’ well-being and have dedicated ourselves to providing them with the best in detoxification and addiction treatment services. Our programs provide the highest level of care and commitment by staying on top of the latest developments in the area of treatment for substance use disorder. Likewise, we are constantly evolving to meet and anticipate guest’s needs while maintaining top-notch facilities and investing in the finest resources.

To make guests’ transition to our centers as smooth as possible— and to ease guest and family concerns— we’ve put together answers to some of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience. Visit our FAQ page for more questions and answers.

If you or a loved one is looking for quality treatment for substance abuse, please do not hesitate to contact us today at 888-907-0898. Our admissions staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer any questions you have about any of our accredited and certified addiction treatment programs. 

Looking for Quality Care?

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please reach out to us to find out more about how our accredited and certified treatment programs can help. We work with most private insurance policies and offer affordable self-pay rates if you do not have insurance. Give us a call and we will figure out the best treatment plan for you or your loved one.
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