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Addiction Treatment Services

At Royal Life Centers, we provide a comprehensive range of addiction treatment services to ensure the safe and effective care for individuals struggling with a substance use disorder (SUD).

We understand that each guest is unique, which is why we offer a diverse selection of programs that incorporate evidence-based addiction therapy methods. Our aim is to guide our guests through every stage of their recovery journey, providing the tools, services, and support they need to achieve lasting recovery.

addiction treatment services

Our Clinical Approach

Our addiction treatment services extend over the course of our comprehensive rehabilitation programs, from medically-assisted detox to our sober living arrangements. We are constantly working to ensure that our company philosophy, Because We Care, shines through in all aspects of your treatment at Royal Life Centers.

Our treatment experience is collaborative and approached holistically, meaning we provide healing for the body, mind, and spirit. Guests work with their clinical team made up of a primary therapist, case manager, and medical doctors, to choose the therapy modalities that will be the most helpful for them. This collaboration is to build an individualized treatment plan for that level of care. A treatment plan serves as an outline of the intensive therapies that guests choose for their treatment and highlights focused objectives from a clinical perspective.

Each level of care offers a completely customizable treatment plan since your needs and goals will change as you progress in recovery. Because We Care.

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Addiction Treatment Services at
Royal Life Centers

During treatment at Spokane Heights, we offer medical detoxification and residential inpatient treatment services to help guests begin their journey toward life in recovery. After completing treatment in our inpatient programs, guests can also transition into treatment at our aftercare facility, Cascade Heights, in Mead, Washington. By offering a full continuum of care, we provide each guest with the opportunity to seamlessly continue their progress in recovery.

Full Continuum of Care Services

At Royal, we know that each guest is unique. To provide you with the best possible treatment, we offer a full continuum of care within our inpatient and outpatient program services. 

At Royal, we offer a comprehensive continuum of care to address addiction with a range of evidence-based treatment services. During treatment at Spokane Heights, you will gain access to our medical detox and residential inpatient treatment services.

Following our inpatient programs, guests can transition into lower levels of care. At  Cascade Heights, our outpatient facility in Mead, Washington, guests can participate in our 12-week aftercare program. During aftercare, you can receive treatment services in partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and optional sober living residences. Following aftercare, we also offer outpatient treatment services and additional sober living options.

Detox Services

Our detox program incorporates a biopsychosocial-spiritual approach to substance abuse treatment. For this reason, our medical detox services begin with thorough clinical assessments and evaluations, followed by a physician-approved medical plan. 

We offer detox services for substance use disorders including:

Our detox program incorporates evidence-based treatment services to safely remove toxins from our guests bodies. To ensure the safety and comfort of each guests, our trained and experience medical staff monitor vitals around the clock while providing evidence-based detox services. For this reason, we offer medically-assisted detoxification to lessen the impact of withdrawal symptoms through the detoxification process. 

We also provide an observational detox service as an alternative option for guests who don’t need medical taper assistance. Observational detox service offers attentive, 24/7 monitoring alongside comfort medications and therapy services.

Residential Inpatient Services

Our residential inpatient services are designed as continuing care after you complete our detox services. During our inpatient program, you will participate in five intensive therapy sessions each day. Each week, you will also meet with your primary therapist in one-on-one sessions to review your progress in recovery.

Many people thrive in individual therapy, which is why our guests also have access to a mental health counselor. Our mental health counselors are available to collaborate with guests during private sessions whenever they would like. For instance, guests can elect to participate in daily individual therapy sessions or alternate days throughout the week.

Residential inpatient is our most clinically-intensive treatment program and has the goal of uncovering the root causes of your substance abuse and treating it. Throughout the entirety of our inpatient program, our medical staff is on-site providing 24-7 supervision. As a part of our residential treatment services, physicians and therapists work to ensure that you are comfortable and that you are receiving the highest quality of care possible.

Aftercare Services

Following our detox and inpatient services, your can transition into our 12-week aftercare program. Our aftercare services offer a smooth transition within a structured step-down program. As guests participate in these treatment services, our aftercare program provides more freedom and responsibility.

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) is the first and most intensive phase offered within our 12-week program. After completing four weeks of PHP, you will transition into our intensive outpatient program (IOP). Made up of two 4-week phases, IOP helps guests to continue building on the skills from inpatient treatment and PHP.

Outpatient Services

Our outpatient program (OP) is the least restrictive and most flexible treatment program we offer at Royal. While it is not a requirement, most of our guests transition through our higher levels of care, such as inpatient and aftercare, before entering our outpatient program. For instance, if you are stepping down from our 12-week program into OP, you will transition seamlessly into a less structured program.

Sober Living Services

We offer sober living services to our guests in outpatient, in addition to guests in our 12-week program. Depending on the location, our sober living residences are homes or apartments, which feature a 24-hour support staff and amenities. While living in our sober residences is recommended, it is not required. For this reason, you can attend our outpatient program while living at home. Sober living residences offer amenities, including but not limited to flat-screen TVs in each spacious living room and bedroom, an in-unit washer and dryer, a resource room with laptops and printers, and free Wi-Fi.

Treatment Services

Medication-assisted treatment services incorporate a combination of FDA-approved medication, addiction counseling, and behavioral therapies. These services offer evidence-based treatment methods for those in recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD). 

Dual Diagnosis
Treatment Services

Dual diagnosis treatment services provide psychiatric medication to assist in the management of psychiatric disorders. These services assess and treat substance use disorder alongside co-occurring mental health disorders for a sustainable recovery.

Psychiatric Services

Our team of psychiatrists, medical doctors, and clinicians work together to deliver comprehensive psychiatric support, ensuring the effective treatment of any co-occurring disorders.

Medication Management Services

Our clinicians prescribe a combination of medication, counseling, and behavioral therapies to address co-occurring disorders and promote mental well-being.

Addiction Therapy Services

One of the key aspects of our comprehensive addiction treatment is therapy. Our highly qualified team of clinicians offers an array of specialized therapies to cater to your specific needs. Our comprehensive array of therapy services provides customized opportunities for you to partake in therapeutic activities that align with your individual interests. By doing so, you can engage in dynamic group sessions that rekindle your passion for life, instilling a revitalized sense of purpose.

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights provide a wide range of therapy services, including:

Our therapy services provide education on addiction, equip you with essential life skills, help you in planning to prevent relapse, and teach alternative behaviors to effectively cope with triggers, cravings, and stress. We also integrate expressive arts and recreational activities that promote healthy self-expression and serve as outlets for stress relief. As a result, your time in therapy will not only help you regain a sense of security, but also foster trust and connections with fellow individuals on the path to recovery.

Each of our therapy services will push you to surpass what you ever thought possible in life and recovery. We take great pride in providing a safe and compassionate environment where you can witness your personal growth while striving to achieve your full potential.

Holistic and Wellness Services

To support whole-person healing, we offer a range of holistic approaches to complement our traditional therapies. These services address and treat the impacts of addiction on the mind, body, and spirit.

Our holistic and wellness services include:

Throughout our holistic wellness services, we emphasize the importance of self-empowerment and an integrated approach to healing body, mind, and spirit. We strive to support our clients in developing the necessary skills for long term sobriety and improved quality of life.

Case Management Services

Throughout your treatment, you will collaborate with a dedicated case manager to address any legal or social issues. Our highly trained case managers are well-equipped to support you through a wide range of situations associated with substance abuse. They will also provide invaluable assistance with employment-related tasks.

For example, if you need an approved leave of absence from work, our case managers can assist you in submitting FMLA paperwork. Additionally, during the aftercare phase, you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops focused on enhancing your resume and interview skills. If you are actively seeking employment, our case managers will also help you with your job search within the local community.

Rest assured that our comprehensive case management services are designed to provide you with the support you need, every step of the way.

Telehealth Services

For Washington residents, we provide our outpatient program through telehealth. Feel free to contact us for more details, and we’ll assist you in getting started. If you’re a resident of Arizona, we offer telehealth services for residential inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs.

Specialty Addiction Treatment Programs

Throughout your entire stay with us, you will have access to our dedicated and professional staff, available 24/7, to support your recovery journey. Our staff recognize that each guest requires a unique approach to treatment. That’s why we prioritize your involvement, integrating personalized care plans with tailored, specialized tracks.

Some of our specialty program offerings include:

Your personal care team will work closely with you during treatment, ensuring that you receive exceptional services tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether you are at the beginning of your recovery or further along the road, Royal Life Centers is here to equip you with the necessary tools for healing from addiction and embracing a life of sobriety.

Culturally-based services for tribal members

During treatment at Royal Life Centers, we provide culturally-based services for tribal members in a safe and respectful environment. We understand the unique needs of our Native American guests and their communities, and we strive to meet those needs with holistic, evidence-based, culturally-inclusive care. 

addiction treatment services

Wellbriety Curriculum

Our culturally sensitive healing program offers White Bison’s Wellbriety curriculum and other inclusive treatment protocols. Our staff provides culturally appropriate alcohol and drug abuse assessments, co-occurring disorder evaluations, and individual and group treatment for each client.

Tribal Healing Practices

Within our Native American Track, we provide groups that processing substance abuse and trauma, promote engagement in cultural practices, incorporate therapeutic recreational activities, and travel to local tribal communities to participate in Native American ceremonies and events.

Trauma-informed services for military veterans

Our comprehensive therapy options, tailored to address addiction and trauma, offer valuable support in managing unwanted symptoms. Through our trauma-informed care and the implementation of the Seeking Safety curriculum, we guide you towards rebuilding trust in your emotions, behaviors, thoughts, and relationships. At Royal, we are committed to providing effective treatment programs that prioritize your healing journey.

addiction treatment services

Seeking Safety Curriculum

To explore the intricate relationship between addiction and trauma, Seeking Safety delves into trauma-informed topics that cover a wide range of subjects including interpersonal communication, cognitive impairment, and behavioral challenges.

Cultivating a Sense of Safety

During treatment, clients engage in compassionate interactions with our staff, providing them with consistent reassurance of their safety under our care. This sense of security is strengthened during team-based activities, trust-building exercises, and respectful discussions within our peer groups.

Our Addiction Treatment Services

At Royal Life Centers, our drug and alcohol treatment offers comprehensive support from medical professionals who provide real-time advice and access to valuable resources. When you join our program, you’ll undergo a thorough biopsychosocial evaluation and substance abuse assessment. This evaluation informs our medical and clinical teams, ensuring the development of a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. Our treatment plans encompass a wide range of services, including full-service medical detoxification, residential care, aftercare, and outpatient programming. 

Our addiction treatment services include:

Our addiction treatment services for substance use and mental health disorders focus on exploring the roots of addiction while addressing any underlying psychiatric symptoms through the use of medication, addiction and mental health education, relapse prevention plans, life-skills training, therapeutic strategies, and relaxation techniques. 

Our clinical approach emphasizes holistic health and wellness, starting in detox through detoxification and nutritional counseling and continuing throughout the lower levels of care with evidence-based and alternative therapies to help guests heal their mind, body, and spirit.

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Our Addiction Treatment Centers

Royal Life Centers’ award-winning dual diagnosis treatment programs can be found within our multi-accredited addiction treatment centers located in Washington State and Arizona. At each of our alcohol and drug rehabs, our accomplished staff provides exceptional addiction treatment services to guests who need treatment for substance use disorders.

Addiction Treatment Services in Washington

As a part of the Royal Life Centers addiction treatment network, Spokane Heights is one of our alcohol and drug detox centers in Washington state. We have facilities for detoxification and inpatient treatment, as well as for outpatient and aftercare programming. 

Our alcohol and drug rehab centers in Washington include:

Addiction Treatment Services in Arizona

Our comprehensive addiction treatment services are also offered at our facilities in Prescott, Arizona. Each of our Arizona locations cares for guests struggling with addiction as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. Addiction treatment services in Arizona follows the same person-centered approach to recovery.

Our alcohol and drug rehab centers in Prescott, Arizona include:

Are you looking for help with addiction? Let us support you on the path to lasting recovery

Help for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

At Royal Life Centers, we believe that no one should remain trapped in the isolating cycle of addiction and mental illness. We see our guests as individuals, not defined by their struggles, but as people with unique stories and potential for recovery.

Our comprehensive approach to healing focuses on your overall well-being. Our team of licensed therapists and clinicians will collaborate with you to develop a personalized service plan that addresses both your addiction and psychological disorders, targeting the root causes for lasting healing.

When you begin treatment with Royal Life Centers, our dedicated therapists will meet with you to create a tailored treatment plan, incorporating evidence-based and complementary therapies proven to be effective in treating substance use disorders (SUD) and co-occurring disorders. 

Remember, it is never too late to seek help or ask questions on behalf of yourself or a loved one. Reach out to us by filling out a secure contact form or calling us at 888-907-0898.


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addiction treatment services

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Medical Detox Services at Royal

The first step in drug and alcohol treatment is a detox program. During this level of care, you will undergo the detoxification process that will remove toxins from your body while starting your time in therapy.

Residential Inpatient Services at Royal

Our residential inpatient program aims to identify the underlying causes of alcohol and drug  addiction. Our clinical approach includes intensive therapy, addiction education, goal-setting, and healthy coping skills. 

Can Dual Diagnosis Treatment Help Me?

During treatment at Royal Life Centers, we provide dual diagnosis treatment services to treat any co-occurring mental health disorders to help you recover from alcohol or drug addiction with a clear mind.

Medication-Assisted Treatment At Royal

During treatment for addiction at Royal Life Centers, we provide medication-assisted treatment services to ease the symptoms of withdrawal and curb cravings. Learn how MAT services can help guests stay sober.

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