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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Schedule

Many people are interested in knowing what a typical day in rehab looks like. Looking at a drug detox schedule can give you a better idea of what to expect while in rehab. While each day can be structured differently, some general activities occur every day as part of a treatment plan.

Your treatment plan may encompass a diverse range of offerings, such as therapy, addiction education, and medication management, depending on the program and facility. Each component of treatment is meticulously crafted to aid in addressing substance abuse issues and guide you on your path to recovery.

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What Is a Typical Day in Rehab Like?

The alcohol and drug detox schedule varies based on individual needs, with the ultimate goal of equipping individuals with the necessary tools to reintegrate into society after treatment. In general, a well-designed rehab program encompasses a range of treatment methods, addressing both substance abuse and mental health issues, some of which include:

Inpatient rehab centers often implement scheduled meal times, bedtimes, and other routines to provide structure and support throughout the day. Likewise, schedules typically incorporate some level of downtime for guests to relax their minds and bodies.
Although each day in rehab is unique, it is crucial to recognize that every activity and experience has been thoughtfully selected to facilitate your journey toward sobriety. Therefore, wholehearted engagement and active participation in your treatment plan are imperative to ensure a successful recovery.

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What Does a Drug and Alcohol
Rehab Schedule Look Like?

The different aspects of your alcohol or drug detox schedule will all work toward the goal of strengthening the tools you need to successfully transition back into society following successful completion of treatment. Our compassionate counselors, therapists, and medical professionals utilize their expertise to tailor the detoxification and healing process to your unique needs. By drawing upon their extensive experience, they guide you on the path to successful addiction treatment and recovery within your individualized treatment plan.

To get a general feel of what a typical day in detox and inpatient rehab looks like, here is a sample schedule:

Sample Inpatient Rehab Schedule



Quick Break




Free Time








Free Time




Free Time






The chart above depicts a generalized example of a drug detox schedule during inpatient rehab. Scheduled may vary due to the individualized nature of Royal Life Centers treatment plans.

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What To Expect During A Typical Day In Rehab At Royal Life Centers

At Spokane Heights, we acknowledge the challenges that come with the journey of recovery, recognizing its inherent difficulties. That is why we are committed to delivering comprehensive, evidence-based treatment in a secure and nurturing setting. During our inpatient rehab program, our clinicians collaborate closely with each person, crafting a personalized treatment plan that aligns with their individual needs and aspirations, encompassing a tailored drug detox schedule.

In doing so, our alcohol and drug rehab schedules incorporate individualized treatment services for each guest’s substance use and mental health disorders. Our personalized detox and inpatient rehab schedules allow guests to focus on exploring the roots of addiction while clinicians address any physical or psychiatric symptoms through the use of medication, therapeutic strategies, and drug addiction counseling. 

Our clinical approach emphasizes holistic health and wellness, starting in detox through detoxification and nutritional counseling and continuing throughout the lower levels of care with evidence-based and alternative therapies to help guests heal their minds, bodies, and spirits.

What To Expect During Detox

Upon admission to our detox program, our clinicians will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the necessary level of care for your loved one. This will lay the foundation for creating a personalized treatment plan, ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care.

Once the severity of the addiction is determined, our experienced nurses will develop an individualized rehab schedule tailored to address specific treatment needs. Throughout your stay, our clinical staff will prioritize your comfort and safety by providing the necessary comfort medications and medication-assisted treatment services to manage withdrawal symptoms. 

Once your withdrawal symptoms are stabilized, you will engage in evidence-based therapies during both individual and group sessions. In individual therapy, you will have the opportunity to work closely with a therapist to develop vital coping skills and establish healthy habits that will serve you well beyond the completion of treatment.

Group therapy will provide a valuable platform for connecting with others who share similar experiences. By sharing and learning from one another’s journeys, you will receive valuable feedback and gain further insight into your own path to recovery.

During your time in detox, you will also have the opportunity to take smoke breaks and enjoy free time between therapy sessions. In addition, our inpatient program offers access to a gym, as well as various recreational activities such as watching TV or movies, playing Xbox, reading, engaging in card or tabletop games, practicing yoga, or simply socializing with fellow guests.

During detox, therapy is mandatory unless the guest is medically unable to attend.

In these cases, a member of our medical staff will issue a medical pass.

What To Expect During Residential Treatment

During your stay in inpatient rehab, you will actively engage in individual and group therapy sessions. Our dedicated addiction treatment counselors will seamlessly integrate education on addiction, mental health, and relapse prevention into your tailored schedule. These invaluable services will equip you with essential skills to effectively cope with cravings, triggers, and emotional challenges.

Upon transitioning to our residential inpatient program, we also provide the opportunity to incorporate virtual family therapy sessions into your personalized treatment plan. These sessions offer a safe and nurturing environment for you to reconnect with your loved ones and rebuild your support system.

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to achieve long-term sobriety and equip you with the necessary tools to lead a healthy and fulfilling life in recovery. With our unwavering commitment and comprehensive services, The Haven is always here to support you on your transformative journey.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Schedules
at Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers’ award-winning alcohol and drug rehab programs can be found within our multi-accredited addiction treatment centers located in Washington State and Arizona. Each of our alcohol and drug detox and treatment centers offers comprehensive support from medical professionals who provide real-time advice and access to valuable resources.

When you join one of our alcohol and drug rehab programs, you’ll undergo a thorough biopsychosocial evaluation and substance abuse assessment. This evaluation informs our medical and clinical teams, ensuring the development of a personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. Our treatment plans encompass a wide range of services, including full-service medical detoxification, residential care, aftercare, and outpatient programming.

Our Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Washington

As a part of the Royal Life Centers addiction treatment network, Spokane Heights is one of our alcohol and drug detox centers in Washington state. We have facilities for detoxification and inpatient treatment, as well as for outpatient and aftercare programming. 

Our alcohol and drug rehabs in Washington include:

Our Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Arizona

Our comprehensive addiction treatment services are also offered at our facilities in Prescott, Arizona. Each of our Arizona locations cares for guests struggling with addiction as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. Addiction treatment services in Arizona follow the same person-centered approach to recovery.

Our alcohol and drug rehabs in Prescott, Arizona include:

At Royal Life Centers, we understand the difficulty of seeking help. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the utmost quality of care to support you on your journey to recovery. If you’d like immediate assistance, please call 888-907-0898. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. Because We Care.

Looking for An Individualized Rehab Schedule?

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please reach out to us to find out more about how our individualized rehab schedules for alcohol or drug rehab can help. We work with most private insurance policies and offer affordable self-pay rates if you do not have insurance. Give us a call and we will figure out the best treatment plan for you or your loved one. Because We Care.

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