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Medical Detox

Medical detox programs are the first step in treating substance abuse. Substance use disorders (SUDs) are a serious public health crisis that affects millions of people worldwide. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), 46.3 million people (16.5 %) met the DSM-5 criteria for a substance use disorder in the past year. In the United States alone, approximately 20 million adults struggle with SUD. 

Fortunately, there are various treatment options available to help individuals overcome their SUDs and regain control over their lives. The first crucial step in addiction treatment is a medical detox program.

medical detox

What Is a Medical Detox?

Medical detox, also known as medically supervised withdrawal, is a process by which an individual’s body is rid of addictive substances while under the care of medical professionals. It is the first step in most addiction treatment programs and is essential for individuals with severe SUDs.

During medical detox, people are monitored closely and may receive medication to manage withdrawal symptoms. The goal of medical detox is to help individuals safely and comfortably go through the withdrawal process while preparing them for further treatment.

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What Does a Medical Detox Treat?

Medical detox is an essential component of addiction treatment programs for individuals with substance use disorders. Detox programs provide a safe and supervised environment for individuals to withdraw from substances while preparing them for further treatment.

Medical detox services assist in the treatment of all substance use disorders, some of which include:

With the help of medical professionals and medication assistance, individuals can complete the withdrawal process and embark on their journey to long-term recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling with a substance use disorder, seek help from a medical detox program to start the path toward a healthier and happier life.

Medical Detox Program Highlights

Medical Detox at Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is a premier medical detox and inpatient treatment center in Spokane, Washington. We provide medically-assisted detoxification services alongside psychotherapy in an inpatient level of care for individuals seeking freedom from drugs and alcohol. It has always been our purpose to enrich the lives of individuals who feel stuck in addiction, by guiding him or her gently into a life filled with meaning and purpose in sobriety.

During the medical detox process, we provide 24-hour monitoring by medical professionals and 15-minute checkups for each guest. Your safety and comfort is our priority at Royal Life Centers. Our detox center offers a safe and comforting environment, full of support, to give our guests a home away from home during early recovery. We also provide amenities like private rooms, flat-screen TVs in each room, an open-access kitchen, a private chef, and more. All of the comforts we provide are to help ease you through the early recovery process of substance use disorder, in a comfortable way.

When Is Medical Detox Necessary?

When an individual becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol, their body adapts to the presence of these substances. As a result, sudden cessation of use can lead to severe and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. More specifically, individuals suffering from an addiction to alcohol or benzodiazepines can experience seizures, delirium tremens, confusion, and other potentially life-threatening consequences. 

Medical detox is often necessary because it provides individuals with a safe and controlled environment where they can withdraw from substances under medical supervision. This not only ensures their physical safety but also increases the chances of successful completion of an addiction treatment program.

Due to the risk of health complications and relapse, it is not safe to detox from drugs or alcohol on your own. That’s why it’s important to seek help from medical professionals if you’re looking to quit drug or alcohol use. At Royal Life Centers, our staff supports you every step of the way to ensure a safe and comfortable detox process.

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is not easy. Without professional assistance, those attempting to overcome a substance use disorder may experience severe flu-like symptoms and even life-threatening complications like grand mal seizures.

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What Is the Process of Medical Detox?

The duration and intensity of medical detox may vary depending on an individual’s substance use history, the type of substances used, and their overall health. However, medical detox typically follows a similar process:

Upon admission to a medical detox program, individuals undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine the severity of their SUD, the substances used, and any co-occurring mental health conditions. Other medical conditions that may complicate a detox (ex: gastritis) will also be screened for.

Once evaluation is complete, individuals are closely monitored and may receive medication to manage withdrawal symptoms. This phase can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

After completing medical detox, individuals are typically transitioned to a residential inpatient program for ongoing care and support. There, they can receive addiction and mental health treatment. Medication can also be made available on an ongoing basis to deal with cravings (known as medication-assisted treatment).

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Types of Detox Programs

At our detox center in Washington, we offer observational and medical detox programs. After completing thorough assessments and evaluations, our medical staff determine which program will best fit the guest’s unique needs on a case-by-case basis. Both of our detox programs effectively manage the physical withdrawal symptoms, as well as the psychological impact of substance detox. 

Medical Detox

Our medical detox facility offers a full 8-day medical detox program, tailored to meet each guest’s specific needs. For this reason, our medically assisted detox services incorporate comfort medications and medical tapers to prevent life-threatening health complications and minimize severe withdrawal symptoms. The necessity of these treatment services is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on each guest’s individual needs. To make the detox process as safe and as comfortable as possible, our team of qualified clinicians provides 24/7 medical care and supervision. In doing so, we offer non-stop support and are readily available to address our guests’ needs as they arise.

Observational Detox

Guests who do not require medically-assisted detoxification are ushered into a 4-day observational detox. During the observational period, we monitor each guest to ensure their safety as their bodies are cleansed of toxins. Our team of nurses and medical professionals provide around-the-clock care, performing 15-minute wellness checks. As a result, guests can reach out to any of our staff members with questions, concerns, or companionship during detox. Guests undergoing observation may also receive comfort medications to lower their discomfort, manage any negative side effects, and assist in sleep and relaxation. However, the medications provided during our observational detox are not considered medical tapers.

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What to Expect in Our Detox Program?

During our medical detox program, we utilize evidence-based treatment methods to effectively manage physical symptoms, as well as the psychological impact of drug and alcohol withdrawal. Our team of experienced drug detox professionals will guide you through the process from start to finish, helping you build a strong foundation for long-term success.

We understand that every person’s path to recovery is unique. That is why we develop individualized treatment plans tailored to each guest’s needs and goals. With our comprehensive approach and personalized care, we are confident that you can reclaim your life and start living it to the fullest. 

Thorough Assessments & Evaluations

Upon admission to our detox program, guests undergo comprehensive medical evaluations. These evaluations are an integral part of our holistic approach to treatment, as they provide valuable insights into each guest’s unique circumstances, medical history, and substance abuse background. Armed with this knowledge, our team can create a personalized treatment plan tailored to their specific needs as they embark on the detoxification process.

Our dedicated team of medical professionals collaborates to develop your treatment plan, taking into account factors such as the substances in your system, duration of use, and quantity consumed. Throughout your detox journey, you will receive safe and compassionate care from our experienced doctors, nurses, and behavioral health technicians as your body is rid of toxins.

At our medical detox program, we offer observational detox services and medication-assisted detox services on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that each guest receives the most appropriate treatment based on their individual needs. Rest assured, we are committed to providing the highest quality care and support during your detoxification journey.

Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model

At our facility, we take a holistic approach to treatment, focusing on the complete well-being of each individual, not just their symptoms. To ensure personalized care that addresses our guests’ specific needs, our medical staff conducts thorough evaluations based on the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model.

These comprehensive assessments allow us to gain a deeper understanding of our guests’ biology, psychology, social influences, and spirituality. Through our intake evaluations, we explore the following areas:

Our admissions process includes a pre-assessment where we delve into the bio-psycho-social-spiritual aspects of each guest’s life. By thoroughly evaluating these fundamental dimensions, our treatment specialists gain a comprehensive understanding of your current situation and tailor a personalized treatment plan to meet your specific needs. These assessments also serve as a benchmark to measure your progress throughout the treatment journey.

Detox Safety Protocols & Procedures

At Spokane Heights, we prioritize the meticulous monitoring and management of symptoms throughout our guests’ detox journey. Our dedicated team of medical professionals is available around the clock, ensuring your comfort by continuously assessing your physical and mental well-being. To guarantee your safety, we diligently check your vitals every fifteen minutes. Our paramount goal is to provide the care and support you require during this crucial period.

Rest assured, all of our detox staff at Spokane Heights strictly adhere to safety protocols and procedures, ensuring the well-being of our valued guests. Recognizing the challenges that accompany detox, we equip you with indispensable resources and guidance to achieve positive outcomes. Our comprehensive detox services are designed to minimize the discomfort of withdrawal, enabling you to fully prepare for the subsequent stages of your treatment.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Our team of medical professionals collaborates to create a personalized treatment plan based on factors such as the substances present in your system, duration of use, and quantity consumed. Throughout your treatment plan, you will receive compassionate and safe care from our experienced doctors, nurses, and behavioral health technicians, who will assist in clearing your body of all toxins.

During your stay in our medical detox program, we provide observational detox services and medication-assisted detox services on a case-by-case basis, ensuring that each guest receives the most suitable treatment for their unique needs. Our guests also benefit from medical and nursing support while starting their therapeutic journey with a primary therapist and a case manager, as they develop the therapeutic aspect of their treatment plans. Once deemed medically fit, guests can actively engage in our various treatment offerings, including group therapy sessions.

Inpatient Therapy Services

During our detox program, we provide evidence-based therapies to address the root causes of addiction. Our inpatient therapy services introduce guests to individual and group therapy to assist them in developing healthy coping mechanisms. We also offer ongoing education on addiction and mental health, empowering you to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of addiction on your life.
Throughout individual therapy, guests meet with their primary therapists to work through any personal issues or roadblocks they may be facing. One-on-one counseling provides a safe space for guests to open up and receive support as they work to find the strength and courage within themselves to maintain sobriety.
Group therapy sessions allow guests to interact, learn from, and share experiences with other individuals facing similar struggles. This provides an opportunity for participants to gain insights from their peers and develop meaningful relationships in a supportive environment.

Family Services During Detox

During the detox process, we understand the importance of keeping families informed about their loved ones’ treatment progress. If a release is signed, our dedicated staff ensures regular updates on your family member’s journey. We prioritize maintaining an open channel of communication, even in the most delicate circumstances. Please note that all information regarding our guests at Royal Life Centers is strictly confidential under HIPAA regulations. To receive updates about your parent, child, spouse, or loved one during treatment, we kindly request that they complete a release of information form.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or a loved one has any questions about our medical detox program.

Benefits of Medical Detox

Medical detox offers several benefits for individuals struggling with SUDs, including:

The primary benefit of medical detox is that it provides a safe environment for individuals to withdraw from substances under the supervision of medical professionals. This reduces the risk of complications (ex: risk of seizure from alcohol withdrawal) and increases the chances of successful completion of an addiction treatment program.

During medical detox, individuals have access to round-the-clock medical care in case of complications or emergencies.

The use of medication can help alleviate the discomfort and severity of withdrawal symptoms, making the process more manageable for individuals.

Medical detox prepares individuals physically and mentally for ongoing addiction treatment, increasing the likelihood of successful recovery.

What Happens After Detox?

Our medically assisted detox program combines medication management, behavioral therapy, and addiction counseling to give our guests the tools they need to create lasting sobriety. Our staff is highly trained and compassionate, providing a safe and comfortable setting for healing.

The medical care and support provided during a detox program are extremely important, however, it is only the first step in recovery. Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights prepares guests for the next phase of treatment while they are undergoing the detox process.

With Royal Life Centers’ detox program in Spokane Heights, you can get the help you need to begin your journey of recovery and beyond. That is why we also provide continuing care during our residential inpatient program in Spokane, Washington.

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Medical Detox in Washington State

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is a nationally recognized facility for detoxing from drugs or alcohol. We provide the highest standard of addiction treatment, with a team of highly-trained medical professionals, addiction therapists, and substance abuse disorder specialists.

Located in Spokane, Washington, our medical detox facility offers 24/7 medical care and monitoring in a comfortable, safe environment. Our integrated approach to addiction treatment combines evidence-based clinical care with holistic therapies and comprehensive support services. We emphasize compassionate supportive care that helps our clients reach their long-term recovery goals.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please call us at 888-568-5998. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions about our alcohol and drug detox program. 

Looking For a Medical Detox Program?

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please reach out to us to find out more about how our medical detox services can help. We work with most private insurance policies and have affordable self-pay rates if you do not have insurance. Give us a call and we will figure out the best treatment plan for you or your loved one.
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