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Expansive Mountain Views in a Serene Setting

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights

Facility Overview

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is located in the gorgeous city of Spokane, Washington. Situated on the Spokane River in eastern Washington, our beautiful location makes the perfect place to begin your journey. Our facility offers a serene setting that promotes growth and helps our guests recover and rebuild. We hold full licensure in the state of Washington in order to give the best in substance use disorder treatment to our guests. Additionally, we are nationally recognized by multiple accreditations, further establishing our commitment to exceeding industry standards. Our objective is helping our guests come to terms with their issues, as well as break free from the cycle of addiction.

We provide a safe environment for our guests that encourages an atmosphere of self-care and growth. Focusing on recovery without outside distractions makes a tremendous difference in quality of treatment. At Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights our understanding staff of addiction professionals provide guidance and support every step of the way. Small group therapy sessions encourage sharing with peers, an important part of the recovery process. Individual therapy allows for a more in-depth, one-on-one setting, where guests can explore and examine personal issues. We also regularly bring 12-step meetings into the facility, giving guests an opportunity to experience real life recovery.


Royal Life Centers living arrangements provide everything needed for a comfortable, relaxing stay. Each bedroom has its own flat panel TV with Dish Network, along with plenty of storage for clothing and personal items. We encourage guests to bring some comfort items such as pictures or personal items for their nightstands. Common areas feature extra-large TV’s for guests to enjoy playing Xbox One, or watching movies together.

Meals are prepared by our private in-house chef, with an emphasis on providing essential nutrients to our guests during the early phases of recovery. Guests also have constant access to a variety of delicious snacks and beverages.

Our Other Locations:

In addition to our detox and residential inpatient facility in Spokane Valley, we also have several facilities across Washington state and three locations in Arizona. Our locations provide a full continuum of care in each area they are located—
  • Royal Life Centers at The Haven Located in Lacey, Washington. Offering stabilization and medically-assisted detox.
  •  Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound > Located in Sumner, Washington. Offering our detox programs and residential inpatient treatment.
  •  Royal Life Centers at Sound Recovery Located in Lacey, Washington. Just steps away from RLC at The Haven, Sound Recovery is our aftercare facility offering PHP and IOP in a 12-week program and OP services with optional sober living.
  •  Royal Life Centers at Cascade Heights Located in Mead, Washington. Offering aftercare services including: PHP, IOP (12-Week Program) and OP care with or without sober residency.
  •  Royal Life Centers at Arizona Detox Located in Prescott, Arizona. Offering drug and alcohol detox services in a 4-day stabilization program or an 8-day medically-assisted detox.
  •  Seaglass at Royal Located in Prescott, Arizona. A Women’s-Only drug/alcohol residential treatment program with a customizable inpatient length of stay up to 45 days.
  •  Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5 Located in Prescott, Arizona. Our Male-Only residential drug and alcohol treatment program built on the values of brotherhood and service in recovery.
If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance use disorder, Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights wants to help. Our caring team members are just a phone call away. You can reach us 24/7 at (888) 907-0898. Because We Care.

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