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Rehab reviews can often provide insight into the quality of care and comfortability of a treatment center. At Royal Life Centers, we believe that lasting recovery comes when our guests have the opportunity to receive quality care and guidance from experienced staff and peers who understand what it takes to create meaningful change. We’re proud to see the positive changes that are made in our facility as seen in the testimonials shared byso many wonderful guests.

Take a look at just a few of the many stories shared by those who have left a rehab review of their firsthand experience with Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights. We’re so proud of our guests and their commitment to recovery, and we’re honored to be part of their journey.

Our Spokane Rehab Reviews

These rehab reviews are testimonials from former guests of Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights that demonstrate the benefits of our addiction treatment programs in Spokane, Washington.

Great experience! The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and present the material in a manner that is easy to understand. The food is exceptional and the chefs are very friendly. My 21 day stay was a great investment of my time and I feel confident I will enjoy long term sobriety. I would highly recommend this program to family and friends. Thank you Royal Life, for everything.
- L.T.
I really enjoyed my stay at royal life. The staff is super friendly and helped me obtain the goals of my recovery I don't think I would've obtained on my own. I have developed friendships that I hope last a lifetime.
- Azure R.
My time at Royal Life was the most positive affirmation I have experienced in my short 73 years. The staff were outstanding with a genuine concern for the wellbeing of the attendees. I would highly recommend Royal Life to anyone with a true desire to change the destructive effects of substance abuse that ravishes not only their lives but also the lives of their loved ones. I would encourage all to take a chance on happiness and peace.
- George S.
This is such a wonderful place!! They helped me turn my life around, re-gain a relationship with my children, become a better father, and person. I now have a home, a job, and are no longer in any legal battles, all thanks to the help of the wonderful staff and program. Thank you Royal!!!!!!
- Joseph A.
Excellent staff that truly cares about the residents. They truly are here to assist us and help us get into the right path for sobriety. I highly recommend this facility.
- Kenneth M.
I am so impressed by this place. They care. They want you to succeed. They help you. They understand. They don't judge. It's so cool that Spokane has a place like this out there to help people. If you need help. Give this place a chance. They will help you change your life. And give you your life back. Thank you royal life. You guys are the best.
- Skiegh W.
Royal Life Treatment Center has far surpassed my initial ideas of what a treatment facility would be like. The staff truly love what they do! Many have been through similar experiences and share lasting hope in recovery. Please give them a chance, as well as, a chance for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed! I am beyond grateful for their kindness and encouragement, especially the medical staff! It would have taken months through outside providers to make the progress I’ve made in weeks.
- Sheena P.
When I got to Royal Life Center, I needed help so bad, for me I was so lost. The experience and the knowledge that they have gave me, the tools I needed to be a better person. I will miss the staff, thank you for everything
- Victoria A.
I found real help with my addiction here in a loving, supportive, and caring environment. I feel like I'm treated as an individual and not a bed or patient number
- Barbara G.
Absolutely the best treatment and the last one. Took me 8 other rehab and 20 years of serious addiction to find this gem.royal life taught me how to live again and saved my life
- Garrett D.
Very enjoyable stay here at Royal. The staff ends up being family by the end and very excited about next phase in 12 week.
- Ricky R.
I was impressed by the level of professionalism and follow through. The staff certainly cares about the needs and success for their guests!
- Scott A.
This facility was very clean and the staff became like family during my 21 day residential stay. I recommend this treatment center to any person(s) needing assistance to get to know themselves better as well as becoming equipped with the tools to help live a healthy, stable life in recovery.
- Forest J.
Loved one needed services at Royal Life. Admission on very short notice was a surprise and very welcome. Inpatient staff was very communicative with family and helpful with information exchange. So far so good, the future looks bright!
- Jeff H.
This place is great the whole staff was awesome and all the residents were there too I definitely recommend going. I went through a lot of treatment centers in the VA and they always let us have our phones and I'm so glad that they actually take them here away cuz it's such a distraction when you're trying to concentrate on yourself. The food was great and you get your own room too also they live by their motto and they do care. Thank you guys again!
- C. F.

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