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Why Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights?

Why Do People Choose Royal Life Centers?

Guests choose Royal because we offer more than just treatment. We provide a safe and comforting haven where they can explore their inner selves, belief systems, and the underlying factors that led to substance abuse. Our promise is to provide the necessary care, create a homely environment, and offer the structure needed to support a fulfilling recovery-based lifestyle.

At Royal Life Centers, guests never face the side effects of addiction alone. We are by their side every step of the way, surrounded by a strong community. What sets us apart from other treatment centers is the difference our approach makes. Our care is not impersonal or transactional; we treat our guests the way we would want our loved ones to be treated. Because We Care.

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Why Choose
Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights offers evidence-based treatment to support your journey towards recovery. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals offers personalized care, helping you uncover the root causes of addiction, develop coping skills, and break destructive cycles. 

While in treatment at Spokane Heights, we provide the highest quality of care within our comprehensive treatment services such as:

Both individual and group therapy play crucial roles in addressing underlying addiction issues and acquiring effective coping mechanisms for managing cravings and triggers. Our inpatient programs incorporate a wide variety of behavioral therapy techniques to help our guests recognize and address the causes of their addiction.

Our comprehensive case management services are designed to assist you in effectively handling legal, employment, and housing matters. Additionally, we offer meticulous aftercare planning to ensure you receive the necessary support from a dedicated care team for outpatient medical or psychological treatment.

Family counseling offers invaluable resources to aid loved ones in comprehending addiction and the journey towards recovery. These services provide profound insights into the triggers of their dear ones and help establish healthy boundaries for self-care.

Engaging in experiential activities and adventurous outings not only demonstrates that sobriety can be enjoyable, but also highlights the possibility of maintaining an active social life. To achieve this, we seamlessly integrate therapeutic exercises into a variety of experiences, such as kayaking, hiking, equine therapy, bowling, and trips to the movie theater.

Our facilities offer a range of holistic and wellness services to enhance your healing journey. Experience the benefits of infrared saunas, massage therapy chairs, hyperbaric oxygen sessions, and biofeedback treatment. Incorporate these services into your treatment plan for a truly transformative holistic healing experience.

Our flexible programming is designed to provide the support you need, addressing any external factors that may hinder your treatment journey. We prioritize individualization to such an extent that the duration of your stay is entirely at your discretion, while still adhering to clinical guidelines as the gold standard.

Continuous advancements in clinical tools and devices contribute to the continuous improvement of medical care, treatment outcomes, and the overall recovery experience, ensuring consistent progress.

Our comprehensive inpatient programs, including detox and residential treatment, are available at Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights. We also offer aftercare and outpatient programs nationwide, allowing individuals to choose the level of care that best suits their needs and goals. If you’re ready to embark on the road to lasting sobriety, reach out to Royal Life Centers today. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

What To Expect During Treatment at
Royal Life Centers

Upon your arrival at Royal Life Centers, you will be greeted by staff members who have experienced the same journey you’re embarking on. Our compassion as caregivers is evident even before you step through our doors, demonstrated by the meticulous attention we devote to our clinical programming. Once settled in, a thoughtfully prepared care package will be provided to warmly welcome you to Royal Life Centers and ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

The environment at Royal Life Centers is unlike any other, leaving a profound impact. It is built upon the passion and compassion of our licensed staff members, and our carefully designed programming guarantees that our guests feel genuinely cared for, loved, and embraced by our community.

What To Expect During Inpatient Treatment

At Royal, we value your unique individuality and embrace the importance of your differences. These aspects play a crucial role in shaping our clinical treatment plans tailored specifically to meet your needs. We believe in providing a personalized experience that takes into account the nature of your substance use disorder, the underlying pathologies or issues that require attention, your core beliefs, co-occurring disorders, and other relevant variables. By understanding these factors, we can effectively determine how best to support your healing journey.

As a guest, you are our top priority, which is why at Royal Life Centers, you will always have:

If you’d like to share more about yourself, rest assured that the personal details you provide will be used to craft a tailored treatment plan. Our therapy sessions are designed to tackle the psychological obstacles that may be hindering your journey to becoming your best self.

When creating your individualized treatment plan, we take into consideration various aspects of your life, including your background, culture, and learning style. Our goal is to empower you for a successful recovery, both during your time with us and beyond.

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After Treatment at Royal

Once you’ve completed your journey at Royal Life Centers, you become a cherished member of our Royal Family. Just like any family should, we’re here to support and guide you through the challenges and hurdles that may arise in your life after treatment. You’ll find solace in a community of sober individuals who genuinely care about you. Our alumni network, carefully cultivated over a decade, continuously evolves to ensure that our valued alumni stay connected and informed.

As part of the Royal Life Centers alumni, you are an integral part of a community that is unwavering in its dedication and commitment to our mission. We invite you to participate in our community outreach initiatives and make a profound impact by sharing the gift of recovery through our “Elliot Bags.” Your involvement in these programs not only greatly enhances the success of your own treatment but also provides vital support to others in early recovery, helping them navigate the path to lasting sobriety.

Our alumni represent our most remarkable and triumphant achievements. That’s why we encourage you to remain engaged and connected with recovery communities, both within and beyond Royal Life Centers. Your personal stories inspire and empower new guests, as your shared experiences play a crucial role in their willingness to heal and recover. Many of our alumni eventually join our team at Royal after achieving long-term sobriety, coming full circle and standing before the next guest who seeks help. At Royal Life Centers, we truly believe that we are all in this together, united by our genuine care and concern.

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The Royal Difference

We deeply value your healing journey and strive to provide an environment that supports your complete recovery. While there’s no instant fix, your willingness and optimism to change for the better will lead you to a life beyond addiction that exceeds your wildest dreams. This transformation happens gradually, step by step. We are immensely grateful that you have chosen us to guide you towards this new chapter, allowing us to witness your progress and growth as you move forward as a stronger individual.

At one point in our own lives, someone extended a helping hand and guided us through the struggles of addiction, helping us break free from the negative beliefs we held onto for years. It was through the unwavering support of those who never gave up on us that we discovered what a fulfilling life truly means. Now, we want to share this incredible gift with you.

What sets us apart at Royal is our genuine compassion, sincere care, and personal investment in your well-being and happiness. While we may not offer luxurious amenities like daily massages or a spa, or allow cellphones during detox, what we do provide is a team of highly dedicated individuals with decades of experience, their own personal journeys of recovery, and an unwavering desire to help you overcome the grip of addiction and embrace the life of your dreams.

Your success story is our utmost priority because we firmly believe in your worth and your ability to achieve it. Our goal is for you to never have to return, unless it is as an alumna sharing your own story of experience, strength, and hope with others who are starting their own journey, just as uncertain as you once were.

We Can Help You Choose a Rehab facility

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please reach out to us to find out more about how Royal Life Centers can help. We work with most private insurance policies and offer affordable self-pay rates if you do not have insurance. Give us a call and we will figure out the best treatment plan for you or your loved one. Because We Care.

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During your time in treatment, you will never hear us call you our patient or client. At Royal, you are our guest. Like a member of our family, you are welcome to stay with us for a few days, weeks, or months.

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