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Medical Detox

Substance Use Disorder

Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights is a premier medical detox and inpatient treatment center in Spokane, Washington. We provide medically-assisted detoxification services alongside psychotherapy in an inpatient level of care for individuals seeking freedom from substance use disorder, substance abuse or addiction. It has always been our purpose to enrich the lives of individuals who feel stuck in addiction, by guiding him or her gently into a life filled with meaning and purpose in sobriety.

During medical detoxification, we provide 24-hour monitoring by medical professionals and 15-minute check ups for each guest. Your safety and comfort is our priority at Royal Life Centers. Our detox center offers a safe and comforting environment, full of support, to give our guests a home-away-from-home during early recovery. We also provide amenities like private rooms, flat-screen tvs in each room, an open-access kitchen, a private chef, and more. All of the comforts we provide are to help ease you through the early recovery process of substance use disorder, in a comfortable way.

Signs of a Substance Use Disorder

Signs of a drug problem:

  • Planning activities around drug use
  • Engaging in high risk behaviors
  • Prioritizing drugs over other things
  • Loss of interest in activities that don’t involve drug use
  • Lying or stealing to obtain drugs
  • Withdrawal symptoms and/or drug cravings

After Detox

Detox is extremely important in the recovery process, but it is only the first step. Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights knows that our guests have the best opportunity in achieving long term sobriety by undergoing further treatment for their substance use disorder. Following medical detox, we encourage guests to continue their treatment at our other levels of care, which include: residential inpatient, PHP, IOP, OP, and sober living or graduate housing. Getting sober requires life changes that are best made in an environment that offers ample support and accountability. Our continuing care programs are designed to prepare guests for successful, substance-free lives. Early in treatment, we pair each guest with a case manager to help solve any outside circumstances like ongoing legal issues or applying for government assistance. Our case management team plays an active role in the individualized service plan (ISP) of each guest.

What are Our Programs Like at Royal Life Centers?

Our Aftercare program is split up into two parts that follow the first phase of our 12-week program, which is PHP or our Partial Hospitalization Program.

Part 1: Second stage of our 12-week aftercare program. Guests in IOP part 1 will have all of the same resources available to them in PHP, but will attend group therapy only five days per week for three hours a day.

Part 2: The third and final stage of our 12-week program. Group therapy attendance shifts to three days per week, three hours per day.

Sober Living/Graduate Housing

Royal Life Centers offers two levels of sober living. Both have a staff available 24/7 for support, a variety of amenities, and guests are regularly drug tested. Our sober living facilities are where guests reside during our 12-week aftercare program. Upon graduating our aftercare program, employed guests are invited to reside in our graduate housing. If you have any questions about substance use disorder, the detox process, or any of our treatment options, please call (888) 907-0898 to speak with one of our addiction specialists. Our admissions staff is available to speak with you 24/7. Because We Care.

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