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What Is Dysthymia?


Dysthymia, as with all forms of depression, is a mood disorder defined by your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Unlike medical conditions, people with a dysthymic disorder don’t have obvious physical symptoms. Instead, people who suffer from this mental health disorder struggle with chronic feelings of hopelessness. A consistently depressed mindset can result in mental and […]

Codependent Relationships

Codependent Relationships

What Is a Codependent Relationship? A codependent relationship involves an imbalance of authority and power between two people. In a relationship, romantic or not, codependency occurs when you alter your behaviors, interests, and beliefs to fit those of your partner.  Codependent behaviors are especially common in relationships involving substance use disorders (SUD). Prioritizing someone else’s […]

The Link Between Trauma and Addiction


In many instances of addiction, our substance abuse and maladaptive behaviors are byproducts of trauma. Unfortunate as it is, most of us go through some sort of traumatic experience, and as a result, most of us react with instinctive, emotion-based behaviors.  While the symptoms triggered by trauma typically pass, some people find themselves struggling to […]