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Meth Addiction: Breaking The Stigma

Meth Addiction, meth stigma

For some reason, meth addiction holds one of the largest stigmas in our society; today, I want to explore why. For as long as I can remember, being a drug addict was seen as just about the worst role you could take in society. My mom would often point out drug addicts on the street […]

Meth Detox: Breaking the Cycle

Meth Detox Breaking the Cycle

An addiction to crystal meth is a constant cycle of binging and crashing, causing extreme unhealthy shifts in sleep patterns, nutrition, and mental health. Methamphetamines are under the stimulant classification of drugs, considered to be an “upper”. Currently, there is no medication treatment for methamphetamine addiction recovery. Because of this, overcoming a crystal meth addiction […]

What Happens If I Smoke Meth Everyday?

Meth, Crystal Meth, What Happens If I Smoke Meth Everyday

What Is Crystal Meth? Crystal meth, or methamphetamine, is a man-made, highly addictive drug in the stimulant classification. Meth has long term effects on the body. Crystal meth has many street names, including: crystal, ice, speed, crank, tweak, chalk, tina, gak, batu, glass, cristy, blade, shards, quartz, etc. How Is Meth Abused? Any way of […]