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Step #1

Medically-Assisted Detox

Our medical detox program is a 4 or 8 day program with the objective being to detox you from all substances safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

Our medical director has over two decades of experience in addiction medicine. She works with our 24hr nursing staff to customize a treatment plan specifically to meet your needs and goals. We use medication to comfortably ease any symptoms of withdrawal. Daily therapy sessions are required five times/day, unless you are deemed medically unfit by staff.

This program is co-ed, so both women and men can enroll. We have separate wings of our medical detox center, one side is for women while the other side is for men.

Step #2

Residential Inpatient

Our residential program is a gender-specific inpatient program. This program is typically a 2-weeks in length, but it can be extended to 30 days. During inpatient, you will do the therapeutic work to identify the root causes of your substance abuse.

Group therapy is required for five sessions/day. Individual sessions with a therapist are once/week. You will have required daily sessions with a mental health counselor. Additional counseling or therapy sessions can be added to your treatment plan upon request.

This program is gender-specific. We have one facility for women-only, and a separate facility for men-only. This helps to keep the focus on your recovery during this early stage of sobriety.

Step #3

Intensive Outpatient/OP

We offer aftercare programs so that you are able to continue care with us as you gain your footing in sobriety. In intensive outpatient and outpatient programming, guests are introduced to the recovery community to build their sober support network. We have accountability measures in place like curfews, regular drug and alcohol testing, and a full-time sober living staff to ensure our property is kept safe and comfortable for every guest. Housing is optional for these levels of care, although most guests do choose to live in our sober living residences.

This program is co-ed, so both women and men can enroll. Our sober living housing is separated by gender. Women live with other women, men live with other men.

We Accept AHCCCS Insurance

Although we are a private treatment center, it is in our mission to make treatment for drugs and alcohol accessible to all who need it. We are proud to accept some AHCCCS plans through Arizona’s medicaid program.

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Our programs are accredited by the nation’s most prestigious accrediting bodies. We hold accreditations from CARF (the commission on accreditation of rehabilitation facilities), JCO (the Joint Commission), NAATP (the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers), ASAM (the American Society of Addiction Medicine) and we are certified by Psychology Today and Legitscript.



This is not just our slogan, these are words that we live by. We are proud to be recognized and known for our passion. We started this program over a decade ago, with just one small facility. Today, we have eight locations. How did we do it? By reminding ourselves every day why we were doing it. We love to see the changes in you: the light come back into your eyes, hear your laugh for the first time in years. We enjoy every second that we get to experience you changing for the better.

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As part of Aliya Health Group©, we have sister facilities all over the country. From New Jersey to California, we have access to resources, clinical expertise, specialized programming for unique groups (i.e. military veterans, tribal members, trauma survivors, indigent populations, etc.) and a variety of options available to us, that we offer to you. Our goal is to get you the best help for your individual needs.

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“My son has finished detox,and treatment at the Sumner facility. He has been to other treatment centers in western Washington. None have worked…. Until now. Royal Life has been the answer to my prayers. Like I said he finished up at Sumner then moved on to the live in facility, “The Haven” He’s the happiest I’ve seen him in ten + years now. He has joy in his life again. And a clear picture where he wants be in the future. I have to say one of the things that separates Royal Life from others. Is, he had one councillor his whole stay. So they were always on the same page. I can’t say enough how much I appreciate what they have done for my son, And me as well. I appreciate all the staff and all the help they’ve been to us. A special shout out to Frank, and Louis in Sumner. And Margaurette in Lacey. Also, to my son Lucas. For his willingness to try again. Thank you so very much for all your help. I appreciate you so much.”

Sincerely. Alan R.

Parent of RLC Alumni

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