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At Spokane Heights Detox center, we believe that effective drug and alcohol treatment often takes the form of different programs. We treat you as an individual, and create a unique treatment plan specifically designed to meet your personal needs in recovery. Our experienced and compassionate clinical and mental health staff assigns a treatment track and drug rehab program for you that reflects your own personal process of self-discovery.

Our healing, client-centered approach is grounded in evidence that includes scientific research findings and the clinical experience of our own experts and their rehabilitation programs. The clinicians of Spokane Heights Detox center know that individualized programs and treatment tracks produce a specific clinical outcome that is measurable in a change in client status. Individualized, caring, compassionate and proven success rates are components of what makes a stay in our detox program the right choice for anyone in Spokane or Washington state who is dealing with a substance abuse issue. 

Royal Life Centers: Drug Detox Programs

Royal Life Centers offers drug detox programs or alcohol detox programs for individuals who are ready to take the first step towards freeing themselves from addiction and alcoholism. We have a number of drug detox centers located throughout the United States, that all deliver the highest quality of addiction treatment and can help you or a loved one safely and securely begin living a life free of drugs and alcohol. Drug detox is quite often necessary for many people who are beginning the process of recovery.

Detox allows an addict or alcoholic to get off drugs and alcohol in a safe and medically sound manner while mitigating harmful side effects, unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal, and even potentially life-threatening outcomes. Detoxing in a detox center means that drug or alcohol cravings, symptoms, and side effects are handled effectively, in a safe, secure, and medically supervised program. Our Detox programs and centers have three main goals when helping addicts and alcoholics.

The Three Goals of Detox

1. The first goal of detox is stabilization, to make sure that major health issues are under control and that the addict or alcoholic is in a safe state.

2. Once a client has been stabilized, the focus of a detox program is to monitor the addict's progress as their body rids itself of the drugs and alcohol.

3. The next thing accomplished is managing and treating any symptoms that can arise from withdrawals. Getting clean and sober is a process that starts in a drug or alcohol detox center, but detox treatment alone is not sufficient treatment for drug addiction. Addiction and alcoholism have roots in both psychological, physical, and environmental factors that are dealt with in follow-on addiction treatment programs and therapies.

Getting You or your Loved One the Help Needed

It's clinically recommended and proven by research that addicts and alcoholics who attend follow-on care and therapy for addiction treatment have much better success rates at staying clean and sober.

Which Drugs Cause Withdrawal Symptoms?

  • Alcohol- Withdrawal from alcohol can be potentially life-threatening and can occur in alcoholics and addicts who have been drinking heavily with the effects varying depending on an individuals drinking habits. Symptoms can occur as quickly as two hours after drinking, last for several weeks, and the symptoms can range from mild anxiety, agitation, hallucinations, to more severe health complications like hallucinations, seizure, or delirium tremens.
  • Opioids, Heroin, Prescription Pain Pills & Drugs- Drugs that are derived from an opiate base or are classified as opiates often experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. People who stop taking these drugs can experience flu-like symptoms, which can include muscle aches, joint & bone pain, stomach issues, anxiety, and depression.
  • Stimulants, Cocaine, Crack, Methamphetamine, and their derivatives- The withdrawal symptoms for stimulants vary depending on specific drugs used but are common: mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideas.

The Detox Process

Each and every person that comes through a Royal Life Centers Detox program or facility receives an individualized and personal level of care. All of our detox procedures, processes, and programs are medically supervised and crafted with the highest standards of addiction treatment in mind. Each detox center admission will begin with an assessment to determine the exact detox program protocols and plans that you will receive. Some of the questions asked during a detox center admission evaluations assess the following:

  • What drugs a person is taking and or physically dependent on
  • When was the last time a person used their substance of choice
  • Previous attempts at getting clean
  • Any relevant medical history
  • Complete psychosocial work up

What's Next?

Once a client has been properly assessed, they will start a course of addiction treatment at one of our multiple detox centers. Attending one of our detox centers may seem like a daunting process, but every great journey starts with just one step. Getting clean and sober may seem like a challenging process but at Royal Life Centers we know that you are capable of living a life free and clear from addiction and alcoholism.

Our detox program is based on a clinical assessment and medical protocol, and we make sure to tailor the specifics of the program to each individual's personal needs and requirements. All of our procedures are designed to safely and effectively taper people off of their drugs of choice, while reducing the intense discomfort and pain, easing the transition into sobriety. Once admitted to the detox you will be assigned a primary therapist to assist you with all your needs. We have 24-hour nursing staff available to support members around the clock to guarantee access to treatment resources when your primary therapist is unavailable.

Royal Life Centers Detox Centers

Our detox centers are all closed facilities which enable patients to recover in a safe, secure, and supervised environment. Not having visitors during your stay both allows you focus on getting better and treatment, and we find this increases a guest's success.

We have medical staff and nurses overseeing the medical aspects of the program while certified behavioral health technicians are monitoring and assisting you throughout your entire stay. We have elaborate security & observation systems throughout the facility as your safety and security are our utmost priority.

With our comprehensive drug detox program we are certain that we can help you gain your life back, and return to being a productive member of society. We have helped countless men and women recover from the debilitating damages of drug abuse, and we can help you as well. There is no need to continue living in the pain and darkness of active drug or alcohol addiction; call us today and find out how to start the first day of the rest of your life.

Addiction Help is A Just A Phone Call Away!

End the cycle of addiction, and break free of the chains of active addiction. We have trained and experienced addiction treatment specialists standing ready to offer the life-saving help you or your loved needs.

You can find a new way to live and be restored to living a happy, healthy, and productive life without drugs and alcohol. We work with most major insurance companies, and offer free insurance verification to addicts and their family members. Contact our addiction treatment center today, and change your life for the better. Call now!

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