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Tribal Healing Program

Native American Program at Royal Life Centers

The Native American program at Royal Life Centers at Spokane Heights implements Wellbriety’s White Bison-certified cultural education initiatives that deconstruct the factors involved with Native American substance use disorders to teach the prevention of and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Within our Native American program, we incorporate culturally-based practices to assist our guests in rebuilding their relationships within themselves and their communities. With a staff of white bison-certified addiction treatment professionals, we provide drug and alcohol abuse assessments, evaluations of co-occurring disorders, and personalized treatment plans to each tribal and non-tribal guest.

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Cultural-Based Healing for Tribal Members

Within our Tribal Healing program, we reintegrate Native cultural customs into our guest’s time in our care. Throughout their stay, our guests collaborate with staff members and other guests, participating in tribal ceremonies, events, and educational courses to experience healing and growth from within.

Spokane Heights’ Tribal Healing focuses on the holistic recovery of our tribal guests. We aim to achieve this through the fusion of traditional, evidence-based treatment practices with traditional Native American philosophies and customs. Within the Medicine Wheel & 12 Steps, our staff of tribal specialists educate our guests on prevention, preparation, and harm reduction tactics regarding alcohol and drug addiction within the scope of Native practices. Additionally, our staff reviews the historical trauma inflicted on native peoples following the introduction to European settlers, offering practical and positive coping skills to aid in their healing from intergenerational trauma.

We at Royal Life Centers are proud to be one of eleven Wellbriety certified substance abuse treatment centers as it affords us the opportunity to honor the centuries-old traditions of holistic healing for any and all tribal members in need of SUD treatment.

The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a physical representation of the Native people’s beliefs of universal interconnectedness.

The Four Directions

The Four Directions— commonly North, South, East and West— symbolize traditional Native elements.

Mending Broken Hearts

Mending Broken Hearts teaches about the intergenerational trauma inflicted on Native people.

Warrior Down

Warrior Down is our continued care that eases our tribal guest’s transition into their tribe’s sober support system.

The Red Road To Wellbriety

The Red Road to Wellbriety book and education courses infuse Native traditions with 12-step literature to benefit tribal guests in their recovery.

First Foods Gathering​

The First Food Gathering celebrates the centuries-old hunting and gathering customs of the Native people.

Coastal Salmon Cookouts

Coastal Salmon Cookouts continue the traditional preparation of Salmon, a key source of food for Natives in the Pacific Northwest.

Wiping Tears Ceremony

The Wiping Tears ceremony reaches out to the spirits of tribal ancestors as a way to help heal the individual’s pain.

Sweat Lodge

Native sweat lodge ceremonies use an enclosed dome-like space in which hot rocks and steam create a sauna-like environment.


Smudging rituals use the burning of natural elements to purify the mind, body, and spirit within a “smoke bath.”

Drum Circle

Drum circles are gatherings centered around powwow drums that building a sense of community as guests drum to Native songs.

Drum Making

Drum making recreates the centuries-old custom of building a physical representation of Native culture and celebration.

Cedar Weaving

Bark harvesting and cedar weaving continue the sacred tradition of weaving Native dressings and fixtures by hand.

Traditional Gardening

Traditional Gardening blends Native natural healing with evidence-based nutritional practices.

Paddle Carving

Paddle carving is the Native ritual of transforming the sacred bark of a cedar tree into a wooden arm of a canoe.


Beadwork is a Native art form used to decorate functional goods such as jewelry, clothing, and other fabrics.

Using Culture to Heal Trauma

Addiction treatment for tribal members requires a foundation of culture, tradition, and values, in addition to evidence-based practices. The core of Native culture—the spiritual belief of interconnectedness— is what allowed for a healthy, harmonious existence of tribal communities prior to the introduction of European settlers who attempted to erase Native culture. To revitalize this culture of unity and oneness with the Earth, we at Royal Life Centers work with our guests to reconnect their spirit to all things around them, bringing them clarity and wholeness alongside their sobriety.

Our dedication to providing compassionate care those who seek our help is extended to reach tribal members who deserve a full opportunity to experience a life of sobriety built on their cultural beliefs and foundation of values.

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