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Recovering while Parenting Children

Recovering while Parenting Children

There are many things we can learn from flying in a plane. One is the safest way guardians can parent their children. I’m referring to the Federal Aviation Administration’s mandate that before taking off, flight attendants must show and tell how the emergency oxygen features of the plane work. It goes something like this: In […]

Recovery Is Keeping Problem Solving Simple

Recovery Is Keeping Problem Solving Simple

Good problem solving involves simplifying the issue until you can identify what the really crucial point is, and then doing what’s necessary to resolve that point. Problem-solving also involves letting go of what’s past and done with and can’t be changed. Bad problem solving means obscuring the real issue with egotistical worries and invented fears, […]

Can We Control Our Emotions?

Can We Control Our Emotions

That fact is, we can’t control our emotions. Can you accurately and consistently predict how you will feel next Tuesday? Does telling yourself to be confident always make you feel confident? Does someone yelling at you always make you mad? The answer to these questions is no. What Can You Do About Emotion? The absolute […]

Addiction Replacement: From Drugs or Alcohol to Food

Addiction Replacement From Drugs or Alcohol to Food

The most common addiction replacement for drugs and alcohol is without question or hesitation, food. An average 137 lb (62Kg) adult is expected to gain 6.6% of their body weight or 9lbs (4.1Kg) during opioid detoxification (Cocores). The great news for all you foodies is that you can drink and eat whatever is available in […]