About Our Detox & Inpatient Treatment Programs

Royal Life Centers residential inpatient drug rehab is located in Spokane, Washington and has been providing people in WA with caring, compassionate, and proven inpatient drug and alcohol detox programs. Our inpatient drug detox center and programs are centered around client centric care utilizing a holistic, well rounded, and individualized approach to healing from addiction and alcoholism. Our residential drug rehab programs are split into two identical tracks, but men and women are housed in separate facilities so that they can focus on gender specific issues, focus on their recovery without distraction that having the opposite sex present can present, and feel safe and comfortable.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol is a huge obstacle in life to overcome, and getting clean is a difficult journey to take. Estimates indicate that roughly one in 12 adults in America suffers from an addiction to alcohol, and about 8% of U.S. residents over 12 years of age are currently using drugs. Although they may feel as though they are alone, overcoming drug addiction is not something that an addict must get on their own. That’s why Royal Life Centers is here to help.

Quick Facts About Royal Life Center's Drug Rehab Center

  • Royal Life Centersis fully licensed by the state of WA as both a medical detox & inpatient addiction treatment center
  • Nationally accredited by the Joint Commission, an independent not-for profit organization that certifies health care institutions in the United States.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of care as determined by the state, and our counselors, therapists, and members of our treatment teams are all high regarded addiction treatment professionals.
  • We accept most major insurance providers and offer flexible cash pay options for those who either lack sufficient insurance coverage or do not have insurance covering addiction treatment.

We believe in only the Best Detox Treatment for You or your Loved One.

When Detox is Necesssary.

One of the major reasons for deepening addiction is the fear of detox. Many individuals avoid the discomfort of withdrawal by continuing to use a substance. At Royal Life Centers, we help you overcome that fear. Our the staff knows that good health, renewed energy, and a positive future await you on the other side of detox. Our detox program is medically supervised, and every effort is made to relieve physical symptoms, insomnia, anxiety, and depression that come with this life-changing step.

Who's Detox For?

Royal Life Center's drug detox programs are an excellent fit for someone who is serious about their recovery, requires a higher level of addiction treatment care than can be provided in an inpatientdrug treatment program. Our medical detox programis designed to help anyone who is looking for a supportive, safe, and secure environment to starttheir recovery in a medically supervised, safe, and secure environment.

Inpatient drug rehab treatment is usually suggested afterwards for people who have a strong motivation to stay sober, but require additional help in the form of therapy, counseling, learning new coping skills, peer support, and a host of addiction treatment support resources that are available 24/7 in a medically monitored, and secure facility.

Same-Day Admissions

Royal Life Centers does offer same day admissions into our detox center. Depending on the severity of the addiction or alcoholism issue an individual might be facing, there are condition that make a same day detox center admission not only possible, but clinically necessary. Some of the following situations require a same day admission into a detox center:

  • An emergency hospitlaztion as the result of a drug or alcohol overdose
  • A drug or alcohol addiction that is severe enough that an individual is at a serious risk of continuing to harm themselves with their patterns of using
  • People with chronic addiction issues who are finally ready to address an addiciton or alcoholism issue

Royal Life Centers is a national leader in the addiction treatment field, and operates drug and alcohol treatment centers across the country. We have drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout WA state, as well as facilities and programs throughout the United States. While all of our addiction treatment programs adhere to the highest standards of care, there are advantages to attending specific programs.

Some people prefer attending one of our facilities that are closer to home, while others prefer to attend a treatment program that is out of state so as to get out a negative environment that may have contributed to drinking or drugging. Our rehab centers offer men and women a safe, comfortable, and clinically sound environment where anyone can receive the help they need to recover from addiction or alcoholism.

Finding the right drug rehab center can seem like a daunting task for friends, family members, or loved ones; here are list of things that make Royal Life Centers rehab centers the best choice for you:

  • All of our facilities are nationally certified & accredited. There is a number of certifying bodies and organizations that ensure that rehab centers or addiction treatment programs adhere to certain standards and levels of care. Royal Life Centers consistently surpasses these benchmarks, and we are extremely proud of commitment to delivering the best level of care possible.
  • We take a holistic and individualized approach to treating addiction or alcoholism. We understand that each individual's addiction or alcoholism will have elements of commonality but is ultimately a very personal thing. Similarly, each individual's recovery from drugs and alcohol will be a personalized journey. We work with you to craft a program towards healing that addresses your specific needs, concerns, and goals.
  • Clients of ours who have gone on to live happy, healthy, and productive lives consistently tell us that one of the things that made such a difference in their recovery was the staff present at Royal Life Centers. When asked what it was about the staff at Royal Life Centers in particular, 8 out of ten clients responded that the level of care, empathy, and experience that our staff have made all the difference.

Accesible Inpatient Drug Rehab

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We Accept Most Major Insurance Providers.